what I used to post .flv flash video in GriffinSmithy WordPress

I’ve always been a fan of plugins that allow me to keep control of my own content and are fairly straightforward to use in WordPress. Recently I’ve been working on my family pictures and movies and making ‘master’ cd/dvds for backup/archive purposes. However, it is much more fun to post some of these things on our website so any of our friends and family with Internet can see some goodies….whether they be in the USA or abroad.

I tried out two good plugins wordtube and FLV-embed.I first installed and set-up wordtube and really liked the Options. It did take some time to make sure all the files were put in the right place and video directories pointed the right place. I FTP my files anyway, but I tried the upload feature and basically abandoned that process because it was too slow.

As I practiced with using the Media Center and Insert Video in the Write mode, I noticed a couple of things that made me ultimately switch to FLV-embed. I was using the URL box/form of the Media Center to point to the location of my video files. After setting those up, the Media Center makes them available as a Player or Playlist which is accessible from the Write mode of posting. However, only one video is insert-able per post. The Insert Video box disappears when the post is saved and switches to ‘manage’ mode. I thought the Media Center was kind of redundant because I never planned on posting a video to more than one post or page….but I did want to be able to post more than one video in a post.

So, enter FLV-embed, which I downloaded during my ‘shopping’ for potential plugins to try. It was much more straightforward in it’s application. Because I loaded my files via FTP, I already knew where they would be and simply insert the necessary code in the post. Because it is a simple code link, I can place as many videos in the same post as I want to bother typing. Since I use a file naming scheme that makes the file content recognizable by filename–this was the most direct way for me to do things. For me to insert multiple videos using wordtube, I’d have to code the MEDIA=ID separately that wordtube assigns via the Media Center…which would lose my file naming recognition.

Wordtube handles other media which I don’t plan on posting (e.g. mp3) and I use other methods for photo posting. So, for my needs, FLV-embed is my recommendation for a quick ability to post flv flash video in WordPress. Both sites have helpful information about dealing with Flash video and wordtube creator alex.rabe has other noteworthy plugins to consider.

My movies are mostly made from my camera which produces .mov format video. I highly recommend the Riva FLV Encoder for making .flv conversions. It handles many different types of video formats which I haven’t tried since I only need it for .mov right now.

I’m still looking for a good video editor and may splurge for a full-fledged Adobe product since I plan to produced captioned video in the future.

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