Tana learns cow

While in Albania, Diana and Tana went by a meat market where there was a cow tied up outside for slaughter. The cow was mooing a lot and very loudly which upset Tana somewhat. In the video, you see how intense the whole episode was for Tana.

[flv:tana20071907tanalearnscowDSCN4435.flv 384 288]

Opening Albanian Ears to the Word of God

a Return to the Hapu Hearing Clinic Albania July 2007

Jay and Diana (with Tana in tow) plan to depart for a 4 week mission trip to Albania beginning July 9 and returning August 6. Expenses for airfare, the month long stay, and clinic support are estimated at $6000. Anything more than needed for trip expenses goes toward clinic supplies and future clinic needs.

Jay and Diana humbly ask for your help in making this opportunity a blessed reality to God’s Glory. Continue reading “Opening Albanian Ears to the Word of God”