Opening Albanian Ears to the Word of God

a Return to the Hapu Hearing Clinic Albania July 2007

Jay and Diana (with Tana in tow) plan to depart for a 4 week mission trip to Albania beginning July 9 and returning August 6. Expenses for airfare, the month long stay, and clinic support are estimated at $6000. Anything more than needed for trip expenses goes toward clinic supplies and future clinic needs.

Jay and Diana humbly ask for your help in making this opportunity a blessed reality to God’s Glory. Continue reading “Opening Albanian Ears to the Word of God”

after 3 years a return to Hapu Clinic

Diana and I are preparing a return trip to the Hapu Hearing Clinic in Albania for the month of July 2007.

In addition to raising support for trip expenses we also need donations toward various audiological supplies and hearing aids. Anyone wishing to help can email us at jay.griffin or diana.griffin at

what I used to post .flv flash video in GriffinSmithy WordPress

I’ve always been a fan of plugins that allow me to keep control of my own content and are fairly straightforward to use in WordPress. Recently I’ve been working on my family pictures and movies and making ‘master’ cd/dvds for backup/archive purposes. However, it is much more fun to post some of these things on our website so any of our friends and family with Internet can see some goodies….whether they be in the USA or abroad.

I tried out two good plugins wordtube and FLV-embed.I first installed and set-up wordtube and really liked the Options. It did take some time to make sure all the files were put in the right place and video directories pointed the right place. Continue reading “what I used to post .flv flash video in GriffinSmithy WordPress”