Hapu Hearing Clinic Albania

Hapu Clinic Albania sign Even though Diana is here in the USA, the Hapu Hearing Clinic in Albania is still active. The clinic at the Durrës Disciples church still houses the ministry to Albanians with hearing loss. Rudina is the chief clinic administrator and Manjola is the technical assistant.

The happy day!

The wedding did happen. On the 6th of March 2005, Diana Shehu and Jay Griffin were married in the Disciples Church in Durres, Albania.

Now the Griffin couple is waiting for Diana’s visa to come so that they con be reunited.

The photos of the wedding will be found on the griffinsmithy website soon.

WorldVision and clinic transitions

There of course are a lot of news to tell about my life changing so rapidly.

I started a job with World Vision Albania on June, few days after my fiance Jay left for USA.

I work in the sponsorship departament there dealing with child/sponsor correspondence.Also few months later WVA asked me to be a consultant for making their Christian Commitment Strategy. This was a new field that I havent work on before, but I was deligent and now that I have submited the project and got very good feedback, I am pleased that I accepted the responsibility.

Meanwhile the clinic was run by Manjola, with my supervision. This was the time to see how things will go when I will be gone. Manjola has been up to the task and have managed to do all the work by herself.

We have a lot of visits and are already booked till March.

Rudi is back from Italy, with her baby boy, Daniel. He is adorable, quaiet and attentive.She will go back to the clinic work on February First.

Ilda is our new teenage helper. She is full of energy and ready to help and to learn. She will be a valuable member of the team and we are pleased to have her with us.

On the 6th March 2005, my wedding will be held at Disciples Church in Durres, Albania.

It will be the day to celebrate our union in marriage and the goodness of our Lord.