A new Steward of the smithy

I humbly, yet enthusiastically announce that I’ve become the Steward of the Smithy at the Sahuaro Ranch Historic Park in Glendale Arizona.

This stewardship is in part, to serve as a ‘resident’ contact person of the blacksmith shop for the Arizona Artist Blacksmith Association and to be a presence for AABA when events are held in the park that would involve blacksmithing workshops such as “Open Forge” and interpretive demonstrations for events like the Antique Tractor & Engine Show or Folk and Heritage Festival.

I’m excited because this role will also allow me to use the shop and it’s considerable amount of equipment as a venue for my own production work–an opportunity I’ve been hoping for as it isn’t prudent to do many of those things at home. I think it will be a good fit for all involved.

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